Those who don't remember the past are condemned
                  to repeat it. (George Santayana)
About the  Books

       ...BOOKS SOON TO BE PUBLISHED (2017)!

Almost twenty years ago, a traumatic experience launched the author into a
search; a search to find numerous answers in life: why things are turning
out the way they are around us; why people act the way the do; etc. The
direction of this research, over time, would eventually focus on the earliest
chapters of Genesis, as well as parts of Revelation. From these portions of
Scripture, the author believes that so many answers to conditions in our
world could be found - spiritual, or otherwise. The best way to decipher
how things might have developed in our world, over time, is to discover
how it all might have

From a small collection of interesting thoughts and tidbits, both volumes of
The Rise of Mystery Babylon developed into a powerhouse of information;
on a scale most-probably never seen before. It now incorporates elements
of most ancient texts / historical documents that are relevant to the cause;
and within public reach. The author devoted his entire life to assembling
even the littlest-known interpretations of Biblical scripture - especially those
devoted to times of early Genesis. There are literally hundreds upon
hundreds of ancient texts, commentaries, books, and articles, used to put
substance into these two volumes. Volume I is over 500 pages; the second
almost 1000. Everything, as well, is very well-documented; with footnotes
around every corner. Roughly 95% of the arguments contained therein
have some sort of sound documentation to back them up.

From all of these additions, one can see that, indeed, there may have been

essential story to Genesis; going much deeper, and telling us a lot more,
than we may have ever learned in Sunday School! There are reasons why
the messages in these books have been all but obscured, or have been all
but forgotten - and it's not good. Elements of society - past and present -
would feel just content with letting these things stay where they were;
collecting dust.

                During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
                             becomes a revolutionary act.
                                                        - George Orwell

There is truly something more to it all, however.

From Adam to Esau; from the Garden of Eden to the Tower of Babel:
anyone familiar with the early stories of Genesis will know just how much
of the relevant information in them seems to have been left
out of the
narrative; and we don't really know why... left out, that is, until
now. The
"pieces of the puzzle" can now be entered back in; revealing some
surprising and compelling details about it all. We'll also discover just how
these early stories relate to the prophecies of Revelation; and, especially,
our world of

A great deal of understanding of our current world could be derived from
understanding the
complete story of our past. The past seems to parallel the
present in a lot of ways; history often repeating itself. These volumes shed
light on so much of this obscured information, and allows it to have their
rightful place in our minds; and in our hearts. Hopefully, these books could
give the reader a more positive foundation; to help him or her find
answers to their world, and guidance in their everyday, spiritual quests.

The author is currently publis
hing both volumes. He also is seeking a way
to establish a ministry with all of this knowledge - ways to utilize the
massive amount of information obtained over the decades, and enable it all
to help others. Anyone who may be of help, or who may have information
on interested publisher
s, is urged to contact Brett, via the email(s):


Thank you - any and all - for your help.